freedom walkers
Updated: 1/19/2021
freedom walkers

Storyboard Text

  • no i was hear first. i'm not moving
  • you need to move so this man can sit down. i'm going to call the cops.
  • Rosa parks sat down in the white only part of the bus. 
  • no i'm not moving i was hear first there are other seats.
  • mama let this man take your seat and you go to the black part of the bus or i am going to arrest you
  • A white man refuses to set across from Rosa parks and decides to stand instead.
  • you are under arrest you have the right to remain silent
  • Rosa parks is refusing to move from her spot on the bus and the bus driver has threatened to call the cops.
  • Rosa parks is still refusing to move and the cop is threatening to arrest her.
  • Rosa parks is getting arrest for not moving to the back of the bus.
  • Rosa parks got arrest and the white man got her spot but Rosa did not stop fighting and won the rights for all blacks.