The Broken Blade by: Sarah Kufner 6th hour
Updated: 2/28/2020
The Broken Blade by: Sarah Kufner 6th hour

Storyboard Text

  • Bye Family! :(
  • Thanks La Londe
  • That should help Pierre
  • Does our puppy need padding for his little hands?! My mom has some pretty silk gloves she could've loaned you!
  • La Londe?
  • DON'T make fun of MY FOOD!!!!
  • Pierre Lapage's dad cuts his thumb with an ax and now Pierre has to sign on as a voyager.
  • This food is super yucky
  • I like to get in fights!
  • Pierre is getting blisters from paddling do much and La Londe puts doeskin on his hand and says "It's doeskin-the softest stuff you could ever find," Then Beloit comes along and is being rude.
  • He looks so strong
  • She's so pretty!!
  • Pierre and his canoe members decide to run the rapids. La Londe is trying to save the rest of his canoe from McKay's canoe and he slipped of the rock he was balancing on and on dead now. The brigade goes looking for him but they only find his handle so they tie the pieces in the shape of a cross as a grave.
  • Hello Pierre!
  • Pierre's canoe get's cracked and start's flooding, so Emille has to scoop out the water in a bucket. The lakes weather got so bad that they had to make a pit stop at an island. During that time they fixed the canoe. Beloit decides to be a meanand whine about Belegarde's cooking and they get in a big huge fight!
  • Pierre and his brigade arrive at grand portage!! When they arrive they dance with the Ojibwa ladies. Charbonneau tells an Ojibwa that Pierre loves to dance but he has no idea how. Pierre meets a pretty girl name Kennewah.
  • After a long, fun, and totally crazy adventure as a voyager Pierre finally comes home to Lachine. He's sees Celeste's family and his family again after a long journey. I think that Pierre should stay in school until next spring and become a clerk and winter with the northwest company and he should also hang out with Kennewah in his free time.