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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/22/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Please, dont
  • I'm gonna slap you crazy 
  • I'm gonna go home and think about it and talk to my wife about it
  • I would like to make an offer with you would you like to accept it
  • Tom Walker and his wife live miserably together. Tom's wife is very abusive towards him and he kind of fears her.
  • Hey, Devil I want to make a deal with you.
  • Tom Walker was on his way home and he took a short cut through the swamp and when he was walking through he came across a old fort and there he met the Devil who showed him names on trees and these names were of people who were not good people.
  • Can you lend me some money I need some because I don't have enough to provide for my family
  • I will give you 1 million dollars if you pay me back all of the money and if you don't I will take everything you have 
  • While talking to the Devil about the peoples names and why he cut the trees down with the peoples names, he gave Tom an offer to think about and the offer and what Tom had to do was sell his soul to the Devil and he also had to work for the Devil. Tom told the Devil that he would have to think about the offer. Tom went home and told his wife about the offer.
  • Tom Walker
  • When Tom told his wife about the offer she told him him that he should take the offer and he told her no because she wanted him to take the offer and he didn't want to do anything because it satisfied her. So she grabbed her robe and some valuables to go make and offer with the Devil herself and when she did she was never heard again after she left
  • So after a long time had went by and Tom's wife never came back he decided to take the offer from the devil. The Devil wanted him to open up a place in the town and give out loans to people who couldn't pay him back and so he can take all of their stuff so that he could make even more money.
  • After doing all the things the Devil asked Tom died because he turned out to be one of the bad people who's names were on the trees and the people who had there names on the trees that were cut down by the Devil died and Tom's name ended up on one of the trees that the Devil cut down. It is still unknown about what happened to Tom Walker's wife when she went to go make the offer with the Devil.
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