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Updated: 9/11/2020
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  • No Christian practices allowed in my country!
  • Never fear! Voltaire here!
  • Someone help me!
  • King Zeumus has recently become an Atheist, and therefore disapproves of any religious practices. He prepares to punish an innocent town woman for practicing Christianity.
  • How? I rule this kingdom, I make the rules!
  • Let me show you how...
  • Hey, "King" Zeumus! Let her go! I believe she is free to worship how she likes!
  • Voltaire sees the Volt symbol in the sky as a call of help, so he "flies" to the rescue (using his secret helicopter that is very relevant to this time period).
  • This here is a church, where Christians go to worship. They enjoy coming here because they thank God for their blessings, and they build a relationship with Him through praying.
  • This is their safe place to be who they were created to be while spending time with other Christians on building family.
  • The town woman, Miss Luna Green, calls for help. Voltaire answers her call and comes to help her.
  • You see, you are the ruler of an absolute monarchy.
  • CAFÉ
  • You control if the people can believe in a God, and how they are allowed to worship.
  • Voltaire arrives on the scene to save Luna. He confronts King Zeumus and they leave to discuss religious freedom.
  • Voltaire shows Zeumus a church outside of the country and explains what religious freedom is all about.
  • Voltaire then goes on to describe to King Zeumus what an absolute monarchy is, and how that affects his citizens.
  • When you take away their right to worship, I believe you're taking away one of their natural born rights.
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