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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • presidential Reconstruction was wrong because it didn't give any rights to the blacks like they promised to have.
  • Black Codes
  • The black codes gave the blacks no rights just like when they were slaves.
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • radical reconstruction gave some blacks rights.
  • The 2 main point of presidential Reconstruction was to give blacks right an unite America.Since the North had won the Civil War the blacks were promised freedom and rights but that didn't happen when the Presidential Reconstruction.Since the South lost the Civil war the North and South were suppose to reunite but that didn't happen either. both things didn't happen when Johnson was president because he was lenient to the South.
  • white league and KKK
  • the white league and KKK where a bad group
  • The black codes took away the blacks rights. Because president Johnson was lenient to the south they invented the black codes. It made the lack not rent nor own a home. and they had to work on plantations or they would be punished. that meant that it was slavery after the Civil War.
  • freedmen's bureau
  • the freedmen's bureau helped the African Americans a lot.
  • Radical Reconstruction 2 main points were give blacks rights and punish confederates that started the Civil War. it gave blacks rights because they had won the war and promised blacks rights. It wanted to punish confederates that started the Civil War because a lot of people died. and they're was one more reason was to bring the south and North together.
  • compromise of 1877
  • the white league and the KKK were whites that didn't like blacks. The white league were white southerners that didn't like blacks and were protesting. The KKK were also Southerners that also didn't like blacks but they hide their identity and were killing blacks.Both groups were very bad people.
  • the freedmen's bureau really helped the African Americans. They gave them supplies and things that could help the African Americans. They also opened schools for them so they learn how to read and write.the freedmen bureau had a positive affect on the blacks.
  • The compromise ended the Reconstruction. For Rutherford B. Hayes to be elected the republicans had to withdraw the north troops out of the South . They also had to end Reconstruction which left the blacks on their own. This compromise was a bad thing.
  • the compromise began when Rutherford B. Hayes was elected.
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