Mr Duckintons Earth Talk

Updated: 7/29/2020
Mr Duckintons Earth Talk

Storyboard Description

What monster have I made.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, im Mr Duckinton. Today I shall teach you about THE EARTH!
  • This is a land form it is a natural feature of the Earth's surface, for example a mountain, valley, lowland or volcano.
  • This is a landscape, it is a section of the Earth's surface made up of a variety of natural or man-made geographical features. Eg., Deserts, coasts, rainforests.
  • bro get out my house
  • This is a environment, it is a specific place on earth where all the living and non living elements that are here.
  • give me your legs
  • This is weathering, The physical or chemical breakdown of materials into smaller materials
  • finally some good food
  • This is erosion, the wearing down, transportation and deposition of material by water, wind and ice
  • your kneecaps are mine
  • This is a Fault, a separation or crack in the layers of the Earth’s crust caused by stress and movement of Earth’s tectonic plates.
  • with the power of earth i will never die
  • yes
  • fine
  • what how are you alive you are in stomach
  • no
  • no