Eid 2
Updated: 12/9/2020
Eid 2

Storyboard Text

  • Culture i´d like to learn about!
  • I would like to learn about Syrian culture!
  • I´d want to go to Peru! Who does´t want these cute llamas?!
  • Exotic travel!
  • And of course she´d take me!
  • where do I see myself in ten years?
  • In ten years I would be in college studying to be a vet or writer.
  • history
  • And i´ll be there too!
  • I would like to learn about Syrian culture after all my dad immigrated from there!
  • sports
  • Willow and I, like to ice skate! In fact ¨Our life is one big ice rink¨!
  • I would love to explore Peru! Helllo Llama overload! Lovely large llama´s forever!
  • What qualities do you find important in a friend?
  • I like to have things in common with a friend! I like when there Loyal!
  • You just described me!
  • I love Animals and I wanted to help the world so I figured a vet would be the perfect thing! Or a wonderful wise writer!
  • I like ice skating as much as willow some say ¨Were skating on thin ice¨
  • I like to have a Loyal, Laugh out loud friend!