Updated: 2/11/2021

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  • Circe The Witch
  • Take this platoon and go explore the island.
  • Homer's "The Odyssey": Book 10: "Circe, the Grace of the Witch"
  • We should head inside for food and drink.
  • After escaping both Polyphemus and the Laestrygones, Odysseus and his men make their way to Aeaea, the home of Circe
  • dude, Circe turned everyone into literal pigs
  • Thanks, Hermes
  • Why not have a drink while you're here
  • No, and no more witches tricks either.
  • When they landed at Aeaea, "Eurylochus leads one platoon to explore the island, while Odysseus stays behind on the ship with the remaining crew" (Pg. 40).
  • Alright, bet.
  • While they explored the island they came upon Circe's hall, where animals sat as if under a trance. "None would attack-oh, it was strange, I tell you- but switching their long tails they faced our men like hounds" (Homer, 10, 5-7).
  • Nah, this is kinda sketchy
  • After meeting Circe, Eurylochus' band of men were turned to pigs by Circe's potion. After seeing this, Eurylochus ran back to Odysseus, at which point, Odysseus when to save his men, "[o]n the way, he meets the god Hermes, who gives him a magical plant called moly to protect him from Circe's power" (Pg. 40).
  • Odysseus, take this to protect yourself from Circe
  • After saving his men, Odysseus is held captive by Circe for a year until he pleads to return home. At which point, "[s]he replies that they must first visit the land of the dead and hear a prophecy from the ghost of Tiresias" (pg. 40).
  • Fine, you can go. But first, you must head to the land of the dead for a prophecy