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Emmerson Cattich- King vs. Pope Storyboard.
Updated: 10/1/2020
Emmerson Cattich- King vs. Pope Storyboard.
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Storyboard Text

  • The Beginning of the Christian Church
  • We must spread Christianity around the entire Roman Empire!
  • The Patriarchs and the Pope
  • We are all very lucky to be the 5 patriarchs of Rome!!
  • The Nicene Creed
  • The Emperor has called upon us to make one set of religious beliefs.
  • Early Christianity began in Judah. The early Christian leaders traveled throughout the Roman Empire trying to spread the religion. They founded many churches in cities along the trade route in the Roman Empire.
  • The Fight Over Icons
  • I don't like icons being on display! Followers, smash the icons in the churches, NOW!
  • The 5 Bishops of Rome were known as Patriarchs. In the beginning they were all equal in power, but then the Bishop of Rome claimed power over all Christians. The Bishop then took the name of Pope. The Eastern Patriarchs did not accept the Pope and his argument.
  • The Great Schism
  • We should make our church rituals all in Greek and let our priests marry!
  • As Christianity started to grow, different groups began to have different beliefs about Christianity. So Emperor Constantine decided to call a council of church officials to make one set of beliefs. They then made a creed called the Nicene Creed.
  • The Final Separation
  • Many Christians displayed icons in their homes, they felt they were a pathway to God. Many Byzantine Emperors tried stopping the use of icons. This made people in the Western Church very unhappy and left a feeling of mistrust between the western and eastern churches.
  • The Great Schism was the split of the Eastern and Western Churches into two separate churches. The Eastern Church was called the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Western Church was called the Roman Catholic Church.
  • We should teach our rituals in Latin and not let our priests marry!
  • The 2 churches officially split in 1054 into their two separate churches. They split because of many differences and arguments between the two. The Pope and the Patriarch have not given into each other and the Eastern Church still remains separate from the Western church.
  • Great pain and universal sorrow obsess me. The Eastern Church is moving farther away from the Catholic faith.
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