the Island of suvivors

Updated: 8/20/2021
the Island of suvivors

Storyboard Text

  • trayson is going on a work trip.He is going on a trip across the ocean,
  • I am going on a trip and getting money
  • {whistle, whistle}
  • the plane 14b is now boarding .
  •  While they were on the plane, the planed crashed on an unknown island. 
  • well I guess it is time to go
  • ahhhhhhhhh
  • help!!!!!!
  •  all the people on the plane got home safely and weren't hurt
  • waaaaaa, waaaaaaaaa
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • why do we have to eat bugs?!
  • look a plane!
  • Finally they see a plane and start yelling. after many hours of yelling a plane notices them and picks them up.
  • HELPPP!!!!!!!!!HEELPPP!!
  • you are all good