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Updated: 12/5/2018
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  • The year of 2099 is coming to a close, and all of Earth is partying like it's '99 in celebration of the new century. Technology in the past years has flourished, and sci-fi (for the most part) has become a reality.
  • Oh mucho bueno! Let's throw ourselves a fiesta!
  • Gather the penguins, it's time to celebrate!
  • Fantastico! Let-a us-a make-a a pizza in celebration of-a la 22nd century!
  • You're traveling home from your friend's party in your fusion fueled, rocket powered flying car, when suddenly your favorite oldies' music station, playing Ed Sheeran at the moment, cuts out and plays a frantic message!
  • If you're human, then you'll want to know that you've only about twenty minutes to cherish the rest of your lives! It's all over! Humanity is done for!
  • Instant panic! You have no clue what's going on, but surely that must've just been exaggeration, right??
  • Self-destruction is imminent! War, war never changes. The world is crumbling as all of the powers vie to destroy each other, and they are doing just that! Colossal nukes have been detonated across the world, and will reach everywhere within minutes!
  • Dear goodness, word was just received that one of the "nuke explosions" wasn't a nuke at all! A massive chunk of space debris has crashed into Earth, devastating the surface! Whatever will we do?!
  • Wanting to find out what is happening, you stop at a nearby SkyFusionFuel, and rush inside, only to discover that it is ransacked, empty, and the message is still playing!
  • The atmosphere around you starts to fill with ash and smoke as the nuke and asteroid impacts start to reach you. As you try to flee to your home, the radio still screams words of horror!
  • Where does it end?? It's been discovered, in our already imminent extinction, that a never before seen or predicted plague is infecting billions across the globe, the ultimate outcome being death! We're doomed!!
  • You hear the sound of the nukes dropped near you and feel the impact of the asteroid, and in your final moments, think about all that went wrong. "How stupid it was of us!" you say to yourself, "To root ourselves on one single planet, with no escape or protection for humanity in the wake of disaster! We're no smarter than the dinosaurs were! If only some of us were on another planet somewhere far away, humanity would have survived, and none of this might have ever happened! If only I could go back and warn those in the olden days...."
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