Social Studies Project
Updated: 5/1/2020
Social Studies Project

Storyboard Text

  • The First Continental Congress
  • Everyone here represents one of the colonies. The only colony that is not represented is Georgia.
  • This event took place from September 5 through October 26 in 1774 after Britain passed the intolerable acts law. It was at Carpenters Hall in Philadelphia. In this cell it it's night to show that they worked all day and night. This meeting was held to discuss how to respond to the British government's threats and actions.
  • Eventually, every one agreed to impose a boycott on British trade. They also drew up a petition to the king to redress the Intolerable Acts law. Sadly, that appeal had no effect. Also, men from every colony had to join the colony's militia. I didn't matter if they were farmers, business owners or craftsmen. The following May they scheduled the Second Continental Congress.