Holly and the last dragon
Updated: 6/8/2021
Holly and the last dragon

Storyboard Description

This story is about a teenager who is determined to find the last dragon and risk her life to save the world

Storyboard Text

  • Jessica whats happened!
  • Once upon a time in a far away land there lived The King Harry and Queen Jessica.They lived with their maids and longed to have a baby girl. it was a cold December day and they went out to build a snowman. That second Jessica started to feel sick.She fainted
  • Harry rushed into the castle holding his wife and as soon as the maid saw she dropped her basket and the fruit spilled everywhere."Oh my god whats happened to her majesty"said the maid."NEVER MIND JUST GET THE STUPID DOCTOR"screamed the king.
  • In 1 of the 20 guest rooms Jessica's father and mother were waiting for their fruit.They were both talking and then Jessica's father realised the time."honey the fruit should of been here 5 minutes ago"."so they should of darling"replied Jessica's mother.
  • Harry dropped Jessica on to the bed and left her to sleep.as he was walking he heard Jessica in pain and then heard a baby crying.He ran to the door and fainted as soon as he saw that his own wife had had a child he fainted.
  • They made a room for her and named her Holly.