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Updated: 9/16/2020
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Ava (Nadine Lustre) is a sweet young lass who has a love-hate relationship with summer. Everybody knows about this – cliché figures that include her crew of girlfriends (Donnalyn Bartolome & Issa Pressman), her delightful gay neighbor-slash-voice of reason (Ronnie Lazaro), and her rowdy and entertaining family of funeral experts (Candy Pangilinan, Al Tantay & Yam Concepcion). As it turns out, Coby (James Reid), Ava's love of her life, is only in town during summers. They grow from childhood annoyances to teenage The film has some really comforting charms, owing largely to Mel Mendoza-del Rosario's ability to craft a screenplay that unabashedly adheres to a romantic formula that clearly works. Naval realizes the story with a quaint understanding of both the mechanics of romance and the expectations of his market, resulting in a film that can be best described as a triumph of perfected mediocrity and levelled expectations. Everything is reasonably predictable. The plot does not wander off too far from expectations. However, the little surprises that the film holds, prevent it from being an exercise in tedium, which is the danger in movies that conveniently rely on formula. There are many delights here, including the parallel romance between Coby’s grandfather (Freddie Webb) and an old flame (Nova Villa) that wonderfully climaxes in Japan during Spring.
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