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Treatment to Last Day
Updated: 6/18/2020
Treatment to Last Day
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  • Hello Denise.
  • Sounds good.
  • Welcome, I'm Denise, I'll be your radiation therapist.
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Since today is your first treatment, we'll take things slow so that you'll know what to expect for the next month or so
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Great! So in preparation for your treatment everyday, you'll need a full bladder and empty bowels. We encourage you to drink water and evacuate your bowels before treatment everyday.
  • Sure, my name is Jason Doe, my date of birth is January 20th 1970, and we are treating my prostate.
  • Everyday, once you come in you'll get changed into a gown. Once you're ready we will ask you to confirm your name, birthday, as well as the area we will be treating. Since you're already changed would you kindly provide that information for me?
  • Next, you'll lay on our treatment table here. As you can see we have some devices that are set up on the table at specific markers just for you. Your knees will be slightly bent on this wedge and you'll palce your arms up on your chest, holding this ring
  • The machine above you will move around as the treatment is delivered and it may make some noises, but it won't touch you. Do you have any questions before we begin?...
  • We'll take images everyday to ensure the radiation is giong to the right place. You'll feel the table move, which is normal, so just try to stay as still as possible.
  • No, I think I understand everything.
  • Yes it will. In total you have 38 treatments, but your first was delivered today, so you'll have 37 more to go. Throughout the treatment you may experience some side effects that we can discuss.
  • Your first treatment is complete, you did wonderful.
  • Yes, let's discuss the side effects.
  • Wow, that was easy. Will it be like this every day?
  • Week 2
  • Also, you may sometimes feel incontinence. This means you may lack voluntary control over urination or defecation.
  • YES! it 's normal.NO! it won't be permanent.
  • you may experience some side effects such as diarrhea, faecal or bowel incontinence as a result of radiation to the prostate area. Diarrhea may cause your body to lose large amount of water and nutrients.
  • Are they going to be permanent?
  • Are these side effect normal?
  • Daily pelvic floor exercises can help to strengthen the pelvic area.
  • Please , try to abstained from smoking and alcohol consumption for now. You can also avoid food that irritate the digestive tract. Another thing is, you can eat low-fiber food and eat more smaller meals during the day.Please, switch to clear liquid such as water, apple juice, clear broth and ice pops. This will keep you hydrated.
  • You’re welcome!.
  • Don't worry your physician will prescribe medicine for you to suppress the effect.
  • Thank you very much .
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