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Cell Cylce
Updated: 3/11/2020
Cell Cylce
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  • I wish I had two of me to clean this bathroom. Oh wait, I can make another one of me!
  • What an odd way of doing this!
  • Were made up of a bunch of mini mes.
  • I don't know but it freaking me out
  • why can't we move from the middle!
  • Now where moving apart.
  • Interphase-Cells carry out normal functions( growth and preparation for cell divison.
  • How are we suppose to clean this bathroom is strange things keep happening!
  • Prophase- First step in mitosis: cells chromatin tightens into chromosomes.
  • oh look we are twins!
  • Metaphase-Second step in mitosis: sister chromatids are pulled by spindle apparatus to the center and line up in the middle of the cell.
  • we are clones!
  • Anaphase-Third step in mitosis:chromatids are pulled apart.
  • telophase-Fourth step in mitosis; chromosomes arrive at the poles of the cell and begin to relax.
  • cytokineses-Divides the cell cytoplasm creating a new cell.
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