Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • Siddhartha was a born that was born into a royal family. But one day he was talking with one of his friends when he said he had to leave when he said "Why don't you leave with us in the castle us".
  • Siddhartha was a boy that was born into a royal family so he was the next king. He was one day talking to to of his friend that was not royal and said he had to go. Then he said "why don't you day in the castle with us!". But instead of talking the offer, he said "No sorry because I have a a life!''. Then he went on a walk with his friend and say a sick, old and dead person.After he said, that Siddhartha fell like he did not know the meaning of life. So when he grow a little older he went on a mission to fine the meaning of life. He found a little cave to call his home He prayed every day and night. He would eat little to no food most of the time. Then one day he was praying under a tree when he found his answer. Then he got in-lighted which means "enlighten one" or "the awakened". He start a religion called Buddhism . He and his followers followed a rule called "The four noble truths" and "eight fold". Then his religion got bigger and bigger to the point that it is now the 4th largest religion in the world.
  • The on day Siddhartha when out on a mission to find the meaning on life and prayed most of the days and nights to find the meaning of life.
  • He was once praying under a tree when he got his answer to his question and got in lighted. In lighted means "the awakened" or "in lighted one".
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