Carbon Cycle
Updated: 3/11/2020
Carbon Cycle
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  • Atmosphere
  • Ocean
  • Vegetation and Plants
  • The black dots represents the carbon in the acid rain. The rain and the carbon bond making acid rain and when it falls the acid rain breaks down any buildings, stone, and wood below the rain.
  • Fossil fuels
  • The black dot represents the carbon. The carbon dissolves and is absorbed by diatoms. The diatoms die and are decomposed by methane bacteria. And is released into the sediments above shore.
  • Crust
  • The black dot represents the carbon. The Oak tree grows, mistletoe grows on its branches on top of bird poop. The mistletoe steals the Oaks nutrients. It is hard for the Oak tree to survive, and it dies, including its roots. Carbon dioxide is created.
  • Mantle
  • The black dot represents the carbon. Plant decomposes, carbon is made. The carbon turns into coal, which is mined and shipped off, to be burned. The burned coal becomes carbon dioxide.
  • The black dot represents the carbon. Oceanic crust topped with deep ocean sediments, some scraped off trench. About half continue downward to crust moved by massive earthquakes.
  • The black dot represents the carbon. Mantle rises and mixes into a hot high pressure cocktail reacts with crust, spewed out as a dark cloud on the bottom of the sea.
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