Don't go on a boat
Updated: 3/22/2020
Don't go on a boat

Storyboard Description

A pirate tale that took like an hour to make because I don't know how to use this website

Storyboard Text

  • We should go on a boat!
  • We should not have gone on a boat!
  • The pirates gave you to me to be my wife. Your actual husband is lame. I'm a king!
  • I'm running away the first chance I get! Then I'll get the pirates to tell me where my husband is!
  • I will hire you all in our shop if you bring me to my husband. You can all earn an honest living!
  • That sounds good!
  • Psyche! I like being a pirate! Enjoy your time on this island!!
  • Now I'll never find him!
  • Pirates leave people on this island all the time - including me! There's a whole community here now! Let's check it out!