Black Rook
Updated: 6/18/2021
Black Rook

Storyboard Text

  • A Crow is sitting on top of the building watching people like others birds do but he is more than that, he knows humans behaviour.Who would think anything of birds that would watch and know these Human behaviour and be smarter than humans brains.Well this crow his name is Black Rook and he watches people every single day.
  • Wow, there is some odd behaviour of people.These people are beginning to get violent and insane.
  • He travels to see all the places to see if there is conflict and all the places are fine.
  • But that's not really true. All the places had conflict and then he realized it was King Chaos himself due what happen in the past. King Chaos was behind of the collapse of the Roman empire in 476AD.
  • YES, i'm com my mission