chica motocicleta cuatro
Updated: 3/12/2020
chica motocicleta cuatro

Storyboard Text

  • when ned wants to escape the one seen by mel, who later sees kenny and hears him say that they catch him because he is the thief of the supermarket, she jumps off her balcony and starts chasing ned.
  • after a motorcycle chase mel manages to make ned lose control and make him fall into a river
  • help me, I don't know how to swim
  • after they help him out of the water, he is captured by a police officer
  • Kenny and Mel talk to the police about their story
  • do i know your face?, are you famous?
  • maybe yes, sometimes i go on tv
  • after the police left with ned, kenny and mel stayed talking
  • Yes, it's me
  • Now I remind you, you are the famous trick girl, I have seen you in stunts, United States
  • now , do you want to come to san francisco on my motorcycle, or do you want to go on the bus?
  • I'll go with you, but can we go slowly please?