Updated: 1/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Miguel knew it was quite flagrant that they were bothering the friend. So he acted like the superhero he always wanted to be.
  • Their once was a kid who just wanted to be heroe to solve and persevere any calamity that can ocurre.
  • I’m gonna have nocturnal powers so I can fight the bad guys. I ain't gonna be the conventional heroe. I'm gonna be the greatest. I'll enhance my abilities and work for whay I want.
  • He exemplified these superhero who had some great attribute. He can discern anything that could harm anybody.
  • I ponder if one day I could be like him and venture on incredible missions to solve all the enigmas on the world.
  • Give me your money and mobile phone
  • One day in the middle of all the turmoil at school....
  • Give it!! or else you're gonna end up in rehabilitation after the punches we are gonna give you.
  • Hey!!!
  • Yeah!!! cause his gonna get his ass dispatched out of this window.
  • It seems like his disoriented
  • Their ages fluctuated but its was quit comprehensible that blood was gonna be spread.
  • The situation got out of control and sadly Miguel was thrown out the window. Everybody attested that Miguel was doing the correct but he died being the hero he wanted to be.