First Generation College Students
Updated: 12/18/2020
First Generation College Students

Storyboard Text

  • Only 18% of first generation students come in to college with AP/IB credit, compared to 44% from their peers
  • How many credits did you come in with? I came in with 23!
  • What in the world are they talking about?
  • Oh I actually came in with 38!
  • Only 7% of first generation students come in to college with taking calculus, compared to 22% from their peers
  • We didn't learn that in high school
  • I am sure you all learned these concepts in your calculus class in high school
  • Yup learned that
  • The first generation college student already feels left out from before so he just wants to go back to a more comforting area
  • I would rather go home and do my assignments
  • I can't believe our intramural soccer team made it to the finals last night!
  • Median parental income for a first generation college student is about $41,000, while it is $90,000 for continuing generation students
  • You will NEED to buy the online homework subscription for $80
  • Textbooks and tuition was already so expensive! How can I afford this?!?
  • Most first generation college students commute to save on living expenses
  • I can't, I commute and need to get back home
  • I feel like I don't belong, I just wanna go back home
  • You should totally hang out with us tonight
  • Following the social interactionist theory, some students will come into college without a more knowledgable (MKO) for both school work and navigating a new life experience
  • My parents went to UMD and told me about the best ways to get to class!
  • My parents didn't even go to college...
  • My dad told me about the best places to eat at off campus when he helped me move into my dorm!