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dystopia 2
Updated: 9/17/2018
dystopia 2
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  • On January 15th, placement day, Emma raced out to her mailbox to get her acceptance letter. Instead, waiting in the mailbox was a letter assigning her to a home in the slums of Pennsylvania. All that hard work for nothing.
  • Everything was different. Everybody was allowed to wear different colors, and there was more than one news channel.
  • A week later, Emma arrived in PA. She had never seen a place without pink lining every street.
  • Emma thought back to her life in NY. She had loved it. It wasn't until she left that she discovered how sheltered she had been.
  • Emma also finally found the answer to the question she had been asking all her life: "Where did I come from? Who are my parents?"
  • She saw a news story about how New York had formed an underground black market baby adoption center to service their society.
  • Secret agents, both kids and Alumni, were sent to PA hospitals to smuggle newborns and bring them to underground facilities. This information had been uncovered by the U.S government just before Emma's arrival. Soon, New York would be condemned.
  • Emma had always been confused about where she came from. But the president of NY, 10 year old James Jones, forbid any questions about birth or parents. Now she knew why.
  • Emma was ultimately glad she did not get chosen to live in New York CIty. Even though Pennsylvania was not the same as what she knew, she was far from the corrupt world she had grown too used to.
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