Blood brothers act 2
Updated: 2/8/2020
Blood brothers act 2

Storyboard Text

  • You’re both suspended
  • Are you always going to follow me?
  • ...the Christmas party’s gonna be on me ... right?
  • Ms Johnstone is happy in her new house and life. Mickey, Edward and Linda are 14 and starting back at school. They all get into trouble and get suspended. Ms Lyons also finds ou about Edwards locket from Ms Johnstone.
  • Mam. Linda’s pregnant!
  • Edward and Mickey see each other after so long and decide to go to the cinema. Ms Lyons follows the boys to Ms Johnstone’s house and once the boys leave, she nearly murders Ms Johnstone and accuses her of following her to the country
  • Why? I need ... I need to take them.
  • Mickey. Don’t shoot Eddie. He’s your brother. You had a twin brother.
  • Edward, Mickey and Linda are 18 now. Edward tells Mickey and Linda that he has to leave to go to university. Mickey asks Linda to be his girlfriend and Mickey promises a Christmas party for when Edward returns.
  • Linda is pregnant and Mickey and Linda get married. Mickey loses his job and can’t get another.
  • Edward comes back from university. His life is great and it makes Mickey angry. They get into a fight. mickeys brother, pays Mickey to be a look out for a robbery. Mickey gets caught and put into prison. He becomes depressed and addicted to tablets
  • When mickeys gets back from prison, he is depressed. Edward and Linda kiss, Mickey is working hard not to take his tablets and work hard. Mickey finds out about Edward and Linda. Mickey gets a gun and shoots Edward as the police shoots Mickey.