Romeo and Juliet ACT 2, Scene 3
Updated: 3/12/2020
Romeo and Juliet ACT 2, Scene 3

Storyboard Text

  • Friar Lawrence, i have to tell you something... I fell in love with a so beautiful woman. Her name is Juliet.
  • Juliet? Capulet's daughter?
  • Yes, she is so sweet so wonderful, the one i have never seen in my life.
  • What? wasn't you still love Rosaline yesterday? , Yesterday again you were crying for Rosaline's heart and today you're telling me that you love Capulet's daughter? Apparently you love with your eyes not with your heart. Anymore with your family's enemy's daughter?
  • I know but Juliet loves me back so Rosaline doesn't. Marry us Friar Lawrence and make us happy.
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH Friar Lawrence.
  • ...hum I don't know?... Okay i will marry, maybe it will destroy the hatred between your two families.