Why is Gold Important To Society
Updated: 11/23/2020
Why is Gold Important To Society

Storyboard Text

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  • Did I just got transported into a gold deposit?
  • Mom, I got some golds in my pocket do you want a jewelry?
  • What!!! Return it!!!
  • Don't worry mom I didn't stole it.
  • Okay fine but did you know gold is very important to society because of its uses
  • Golds are used in solar panels because of its high electrical conductivity and it prevents corrosion within the solar cells
  • It is also used in spaceships because it prevents corrosion from the ultra violet light and for long lasting electric wires
  • In health, it is mainly used in orthopedics but one research stated that gold can also be used to cancer treatment
  • And lastly, it is mainly used for wirings in technologies and for plating in connectors and contacts
  • Hey mom, I just asked you, if you want a jewelry but you already said many things