animal farm project
Updated: 12/10/2020
animal farm project

Storyboard Text

  • On the farm, the old major, who is the leader of the farm, go’s and hosts a meeting and wants them to go against Mr. Jones because the animals think he doesn't take good care of the animals. When old major dies two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball want to take over and become the new ruler/boss. When the two pigs become in charge they come up with a new government and they come up with new laws. 
  • .The farm animals all come up with new laws but the animals pick from 7, everything is going perfectly fine even though Napoleon and snowball are always getting into stupid little arguments they never agree on anything just until Napoleon wins and napoleon and is attack dog run snowball out of the farm.
  • the 7 commandments
  • When the leader, Napoleon changes a lot of things around the farm, he seems to just care about himself and he doesn't realize how he is making all the other farm animals feel
  • Napoleon then blamed everything that is going wrong with the farm on Snowballs he is using snowball as an excuse to purge the farm Napoleon started accusing the other animals and attack them with his attack dogs
  • The animals had finally became convinced that they were better off with the old farmer Mr. Jones than the tyranny that has began to get aggressively worse on the farm, animals are worked to the point there about to collapsing and it is pretty clear that the commandant have been Rewritten.
  • Animals are no longer equal. The pigs are beginning to take on human qualities such as walking upright just like humans and as the other farm animals look at the pigs and humans they realize they can no longer tell the difference between pigs and humans.
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