Updated: 12/16/2019
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  • I will teach you about the mongols empire
  • In 1217, Genghis sent a diplomatic mission to establish trade relations with the Turks.
  • Mongols had lots of silk from the silk road They had more than they could ever imagine  They used the goods for trade and other things
  • Now Temujin is a supreme ruler (gangas khan)
  • Legends are told about Temujin’s childhood and his rise to power. As with all legends, it can be hard to determine how much of the information is based on facts. It is said that Temujin declared himself the leader of the Mongols when he was 12, after his father was poisoned at a feast by members of a rival tribe.
  • Pyramids of skulls were all that remained where once there were thriving cities. Irrigation systems were destroyed so that the land was only good for grazing and not farming. By 1221, the Mongols were masters of Central Asia.
  • Genghis Khan died in 1227, dividing his empire among his sons. Legends surround his death, as they did his life.
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