Story for English

Updated: 9/26/2021
Story for English

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  • After losing her job Clara asked for help from a friend
  • Can you help me?
  • Yes , you have to goes to take a rich man' child as a hostage .
  • The next day...
  • What?! They are not going to pay and they have already notified the police!
  • Tomorrow I'm going to tell my cousins to come and take you home to my parents in the countryside until the situation gets better
  • The next day, they arrived at Jane's parents...
  • 1 years passed Clara went to be a housewife in rich man's house to see the situation...
  • Clara is that you?
  • Yes ? But how do you know ?
  • Because of your birthmark on your arm you know where is Lisa she was kidnapped 1 year ago.
  • Don't tell me that's the girl Jane kidnapped?!
  • After the lady tells Clara that after her parents get out of the jail they don't even try to find her and they want a child just to hide their illegal plans ,Clara went home and take care of Lisa since she know it's her real sister!