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  • President Andrew Jackson.
  • Treaty
  • Five Civilized Tribes
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  • Indian Remove Act
  • President _____ _____, a man of the frontier himself, supported the settlers demand for ____ ___land. He had fought the ____ and Seminole people during the War of 1812. In his Inaugural Address, he stated that he intended to move all Native Americans to the ____ _____.
  • The Cherokee Nation
  • As American ______ expanded westward by the 1830s, many Native Americans still lived in the ______ part of the country. The “Five Civilized Tribes” - Cherokee, Creek, Seminole,______, and Choctaw. These tribes had established _______societies with successful _______.
  • Indian Territory
  • In 1830 President _______ pushed the Indian Removal Act through Congress. The act allowed the federal government to ____ Native Americans to move _____. Some ______ ______ refused and most felt they were forced to ____ their lands. .
  • Trail of Tears
  • The ______ however, refused to give up their land. The Cherokee ____ the state of Georgia eventually their case reach the ______ _____. In Worcester v. Georgia (1832) Chief Justice John ______ ruled that Georgia had no right to interfere with the Cherokee. President ______ supported Georgia;s efforts to ______ the Cherokee. He declared that he would _____ the Supreme Court.
  • American settlers wanted to force the ____ _____ to leave their land and move ___ Many Americans settlers believed that the area west of the _______ was dry and seemed unsuitable for farming. They thought that if they moved the ____ _______to that region, the nation’s conflict for land would be over. In 1834 ____ created the Indian Territory, an area in present day Oklahoma that was set aside for the relocation of Native Americans
  • With 7,000 federal troops, General ________ ______ threatened to use force if the Cherokee did not leave. Filled with sadness and anger, the Cherokee ______ gave in and the long march to the West began. Around 4,000________ died from starvation, disease, and exposure to brutal ______. Their forced journey west became known to the as the Trail of Tears.
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