war of 1812 storyboard

Updated: 5/15/2020
war of 1812 storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • War of 1812
  • Be ready to fight! the british are on there way!
  • Causes of the war
  • We must stop any and all american ships from delivering supplies to the french.
  • War in the east
  • The president is telling his people to be ready for war.
  • War in the west
  • BANG
  • The british and french were at war,the british thought the best way to harm the french was to cut off there supplies from america. they got in the way of all american ships delivering supplies to the french.
  • War in the south
  • The british took over washington and burnt it down to ashes. Then they went for fort McHenry. They fired at the fort, but lost. The americans won.
  • Effects of the war
  • The british moved on to the great lakes. they fought the americans and had more of an advantage, but still lost.
  • Major General Andrew Jackson led his army to fight for new orleans, but the fight was useless because they had already made a peace treaty.
  • The biggest benefit of the war was the manufacturing production boost. now the british could not stop there ships from selling goods.