7bquilla- Sofia Sedan- Charlemagne
Updated: 2/7/2020
7bquilla- Sofia Sedan- Charlemagne

Storyboard Text

  • yes, we need to try to protect Pope Leo 3, he is very important for us, he cant die in this battle!
  • there is an attack in Rome, we need to protect ourselves!
  • you are very protected pope! hey guardian, are people coming?
  • here, it is all perfect, it is all under control, I tell you if something happens!
  • king, how is the pope? is he good?
  • queen, the attack of Rome, already passed, we protected the Pope, he is perfect!
  • Tomorrow is Christmas, I am going to crown Charlemagne!
  • great! he is going to be very happy!
  • one day later, in Christmas..