How a Bill becomes a Law.
Updated: 2/14/2020
How a Bill becomes a Law.

Storyboard Text

  • I think we need a new law. I don't like how we always are late to school.
  • A law is a rough draft. It starts out as an idea. The idea can be from a citizen or a representative.
  • The the idea is introduced by a representative. The representative introduces the bill to the House of Representatives. Then they give it a title, number, and a sponsor.
  • The the bill is assigned to a standing committee to research, discuss and debate on it. If they need more research they send it to a subcommittee. But, the committee must approve it to move on.
  • After the committee approves the bill, it is sent to the House of Representatives Floor for debate and vote. The majority, votes to send it to the Senate.
  • After the majority of votes send it to the Senate it is introduced to the Senate. The Senate then gives it a title, number, and a Senate sponsor.
  • Then the Senate assigns the bill a Senate a Senate standing committee. It also can be sent to the subcommittee but must be approved by majority.