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The Falls
Updated: 4/17/2020
The Falls
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  • The FallsBy George Saunders
  • A fiction short story Published in January 22, 1996
  • The setting is near Morses house which is next to the Taganac River "Which narrowed and picked up speed and crashed over Bryce falls a mile downstream near morse's small rental house.
  • Main Characters:Morse- The main character of the story, He is a very anxious man who is constantly worrying about what people think about him. "After which he would yank his hands out of his pockets, too ashamed of his own shame to stand there merely grimacing for even an instant longer" (Saunders, 3) Two Girls: They two girls in the story are not given names but they are in a canoe and Morse notices them. He decides to watch them for a bit then realizes that they are drowning "the girls inside were thrown forward and shrieked with open mouths over frothing waves that would not let them be heard as the boat split along some kind of seam and began taking on water in doomful fast quantities" (Saunders, 15)
  • Exposition: We meet Morse, a man filled with anxiety, and learn how he is constantly worrying about what people think about him and coming up with problems every second in his head. Rising Action: Morse is debating whether or not to save the two girls who are about to fall down a waterfall in the canoe.Climax: Morse throws himself into the water to save the two girls.
  • Sepulchral(Adjective, P. 3): relating to a tomb or interment. "Morse was tall and thin and as gray and sepulchral as a church about to be condemned".(Saunders, 3).Inchoate(Adjective, P. 3): just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary. "At work he was known to punctuate his conversations with brief wild laughs and gusts of inchoate enthusiasm and subsequent embarrassment, embarrassment..." (Saunders, 3).Ephemeral(Adjective, P. 8): lasting for a very short time. "The possibility of its ephemeral loss" (Saunders, 8).
  • Tone: The tone of the text is anxious. “When cummings didn’t collar him, and in fact passed by without even returning his nervous, self-effacing grin, Morse felt guilty for having suspected cummings of wanting to collar him, then miffed that cummings, who collared even the city-hall cleaning staff, hadn’t tried to collar him” (Saunders, 4).Theme: The theme of this short story is capitalism. “Morse’s small rental house, his embarrassingly small rental house, actually, which nevertheless was the best he could do and for which he knew he should be grateful although at times he wasn’t a bit grateful” (Saunders, 2)Irony: The story has an ironic ending because he is described as very anxious and worries about everything. we expect him to be irrational or indecisive but he calls himself "Long" and "Ugly" In the end. “… And threw his long ugly body out across the water”. (Saunders, 17)
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