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Updated: 11/3/2020
luke saylor storyboard

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  • Hello my name is Luke, this is a story about me. So here's what the topic is: When i dislocated my elbow. Since my awesome teacherMs.Schack told me to add spice to my story this very rude tornado knock me off the monkey bars. This story is located at two place, Jenks East elementary, and the hospital. Mostly the cafetera and the play ground. the main characters are Me, my friend Grant,and the nurses my mom and the very rude tornado that knock me down
  • I hate school
  • I can agree
  • This is the part where the mean tornado comes and knock me off the monkey bars. And a T.A comes help me up and we go to the nurse.
  • I am gonna go throw away my lunch
  • Right now we are in lunch about to recces but we all ways get yelled out. It like a 4 minute walk to the lunch room to the playground.
  • Since I have a lunch box I don't have to but ok, wait can you throw away my stuff also
  • Now this is the time we would start walking to the playground and like i said it takes like 4 minutes to get there. And every time we walk we would do this weird army walk thing. It was also a very hot and sunny day.
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • So now we are at the playground and me and my friend Grant are playing around having fun. We are playing tag and then we kinda run away from each other so I go to the monkey bars.
  • Where did Grant go? ill just wait here
  • hehehe
  • ooowwww, help me please
  • I cant get up, That tornado
  • I'll help you, who was it?
  • Hey your arm looks like you hurt it lets go to the nurse
  • Ok! she said she be here in 10 minutes
  • As you may tell this is my last part. Well after this my mom came and took me to the hospital and we fix my elbow.
  • I'lll get him ice, you call his mom