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Cold War
Updated: 2/26/2019
Cold War
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  • What was the Cold War?
  • So who led the Soviet Union?
  • The Cold War was a period of tension between the US and the Soviet Union caused by each country's idea of what type of government should be established.
  • Stalin was a soviet politician that led the soviet union from the 1920's through things such as the cold war until 1953.
  • I heard there was something about a space race?
  • Yes, the Space Race was a competition between the US and the Soviet Union to see which was better in space exploration. 
  • Fun fact, Sputnik was the Earth's first man made satellite launched by the Soviet Union. It was working in orbit for 3 weeks then stayed there silently for 2 months before falling back into the atmosphere.
  • What about the Iron Curtain?
  • The Iron Curtain was a boundary separating Europe into East and West after World War 2.
  • Don't forget about Joseph McCarthy.
  • Who was Joseph McCarthy?
  • Joseph McCarthy was an American politician who was Wisconsin's senator from 1947-57. McCarthyism is a term that came from Senator McCarthy's practices and was recognized in anti-communist activities.
  • Actually, the Red Scare was a widespread of fear over the threat of communism. McCarthyism was very prominent during the Second Red Scare.
  • Someone once said something about a doctorine, what is that?
  • The Truman Doctorine was an American foreign policy that stated we would provide economic, political, and military defense to countries being threatened by communism.
  • Here are some interesting facts and things that happened.
  • A civil war between North and South Korea broke out during the 50's, this was the Korean War. The war was caused because North Korea supported China and the Soviet invaded South Korea who supported the USA.
  • A hydrogen bomb is an extremely powerful bomb that destroys things using a rapid release of energy. America used the first hydrogen bomb against the Russians. This sparked the Arms Race which was a big part of the Cold War.
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