Teddy's Castle

Updated: 6/30/2020
Teddy's Castle

Storyboard Text

  • YES! I'm finally done with my home theater!
  • Welcome to King Henry's fantabulous palace! It has all the technology you could dream of! 
  • Make some noooiiissse!
  • In every room there is something eye catching, from lasers to robotic turkeys!
  • Our tech-savvy King has the mind of Hephaestus and can build anything.
  • Oh yeah. This new TV rocks.
  • Now for some lullaby music...
  • His most private room (yes, his bedroom) has all of his projects that he is currently working on. (Just wait, he made another Mars rover!)
  • Watch out Monarchs! He has monitors watching your every move... so be careful!
  • I want money now! Give me money!
  • What's this called?
  • King Henry does have some free time. Though he normally likes to spend it showing off is new inventions to the other rulers. Enjoy your stay at the Maple Tree Kingdom!
  • I call it a PHONE!