Creationist vs Evolutionist
Updated: 4/14/2021
Creationist vs Evolutionist

Storyboard Text

  • Do you believe in evolution?
  • Hi, my names Amy. I would like to ask you a question?
  • My names Lily. I don't mind if you ask me a question.
  • Yes, I'm an evolutionist.
  • Would you mind giving me an example of Darwinism.
  • If everything is an example of Darwinism, how come we don't see it happening today?
  • Sure, everything is an example of Darwinism.
  • Darwinism happens over millions of years.
  • If science has to be observable evidence, how can you be sure that it actually happens then?
  • Fossils will eventually erode to a point, and may not look how they did when the animals were alive.
  • We can see it in the fossils we have found.
  • How do you that they didn't look like that though?
  • Science points towards them being eroded, due to weather.
  • Well natural selection is a true thing, but it doesn't support evolution completely.
  • That is true, but what about natural selection? 
  • Why wouldn't it.
  • Natural selection wouldn't allow for an animal to evolve at the last minute, because the design of an animal could kill it instantaneously.
  • Scientifically mutation would also have to happen over time or through DNA from it's parents.
  • The animal could have caused a mutation in their DNA though .
  • The first cell would've had to evolve instantly as well though.
  • The first cell would only of been able to evolve through micro evolution.
  • The origins of the first cell would be made of atoms. This process would of been completely random.
  • Yes, that is what I am saying, if evolution were true.
  • Why is that?
  • So you are saying that the first cell would of been spontaneous generation, and that it automatically would of been some sort of matter.