Odyssey- The Homecoming Pgs 403 to 412
Updated: 4/20/2020
Odyssey- The Homecoming Pgs 403 to 412

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  • Penelope Didn't know where Odysseus was so she decided to let herself marry the man who could do this challenge.
  • The man who can string the bow and shoot through the 12 ax handles I will marry.
  • This is not fair I never stringed a bow I gave up my lambs for the wealth
  • The lesser Suitors that couldn't even try to string the bow where out right away the most able men were watching the lesser Suitors
  • Odysseus still disguised as an old beggar is asking his trusted servants to help him kill the suitors.
  • You are my most trusted servants and I need you to help me kill of the the suitors that are trying to take my wife and throne
  • give him a chance.
  • No we don't want an old beggar to take are throne besides your cant do it anyways.
  • Odysseus was given the bow and he strung the bow and was prepared to knock on arrow onto the string
  • Can I have a try stinging the bow?
  • The Suitors were in shock that the beggar was able to shoot an arrow through the 12 ax heads.
  • Odysseus knocked an arrow called for Apollo to guide his shot and he let the arrow go the arrow went into Antonius's neck. The suitors ran and yelled at him for killing Antonius.
  • We are going to get you for that!!!!!
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