Social Studies
Updated: 3/18/2021
Social Studies

Storyboard Text

  • Omg we found Gold in CALIFORNIA!
  • missionaries on organ trail
  • NO! this is the only form of transportation
  • is there any way we can get there faster?!
  • WHAT... GOLD?!?
  • errr, im gonna get that gold first!!
  • WE NEED IT THE MOST. give it to us!
  • Gold Rush
  • We central americans are gonna get there first mate!
  • 1849
  • Our people, known as immigrants deserve that gold
  • us americans want to escape poverty and live in wealth
  • g
  • i have been walking for so long and now I have to cross the Rocky Mountains?!?
  • g
  • How am i supposed to cross the pacific ocean with no boat, no money and barely any food?!?
  • g
  • oh no oh no, I have to cross the central american jungle....there could be wild bears!!