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Updated: 3/12/2020
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  • Ch.1
  • We'll be going to the new Ranch soon
  • Ch.1
  • Lennie, come here and hide in the brush if you get into trouble
  • I'll come find you later that day
  • Ch.2
  • You two were meant to be here yesterday, the Boss is mad!
  • Oh, haha
  • The story starts off with George and Lennie hanging out near a stream. They are soon to leave to a new Ranch to work
  • Ch.2
  • Epic
  • Y'all shall sleep here
  • In the last ranch they worked in, Lennie got into some trouble so George intructs Lennie to come back here if he does get in touble. They soon go to the new ranch
  • Ch.3
  • The dog stinks up the place and can't even walk! It's hurting! It won't even feel a thing!
  • George and Lennie arrive to the Ranch head into the Bunkhouse where they meet the Swamper, Candy. Candy explains that the boss is mad because they were a day late
  • Ch.3
  • A while after talking, Candy shows them where they G&L will be sleeping
  • The boss came in and complained about have Candy's dog smells and is so old it can't walk. He wants to put it down, eventually, Candy let's him.
  • Fine, put him down :,(
  • Curley, the boss's son comes and and ask where his wife is. The men make jokes and Lennie begins to laugh. Curley, not likely Lennie, began to assault him for it, George instructed Lennie to defend himself and ended up injuring him.
  • POW!