Listening and others thinking
Updated: 1/1/2021
Listening and others thinking

Storyboard Text

  • Leena never listens and pays attention
  • Children, today we are going to draw in the drawing book
  • I did not listen, now teacher is angry with me and I did not get star. What are my friends thinking about me?
  • Teacher's dress is pretty.
  • I think Leena is not a good girl. I will not play with her.
  • What will we draw?
  • I should remove drawing book
  • I should be attentive in class and listen to teacher.
  • I will tell my mom to buy me a skirt.
  • I have already drawn a house, Leena did not remove her book yet
  • I will tell my mom about it.
  • What is Leena doing?
  • Leena, where is your drawing book?
  • I am so proud of myself. Only if Leena does correctly, I will talk with her.
  • What will we draw next time?
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