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Industrial Revolution
Updated: 3/26/2020
Industrial Revolution
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  • Interchangeable Parts
  • This is so easy!
  • The First Telegraph
  • Mechanical Reaper
  • Interchangeable parts were made in 1798. This invention allowed workers to produce large numbers of weapons much quicker and at lower costs. This production of interchangeable parts soon spread to other goods
  • Cotton Gin
  • The first ever telegraph was made in the 1830s. The purpose of it was to make communication easier and the first ever long distance call was from Baltimore to D.C.
  • Steamboats
  • The mechanical reaper was invented in 1831. It was made to separate wheat from husks and its purpose was that we no longer needed to harvest wheat by hand. This changed farming methods tremendously.
  • The National Road
  • The Cotton Gin was invented in 1793. It made cleaning cotton faster and more efficient. It even triggered movement westward. However although it had some positive effects it had some negatives as well. It made Natives have to move again and there was an increase need for slaves.
  • The first steamboat was made in 1807. It could hold lots of cargo and made it so traveling upstream was easier. It stimulated the economy and was very expensive.
  • The National Road was built from 1811-1834. It would connect Maryland to Illinois and improved transportation majorly.
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