Updated: 7/28/2020
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  • 9 ft.
  • x = 12.7
  • 45°
  • 6 ft.
  • Yes this is right, the distance is 6 ft and the height is 9 ft. The angle is 45°. Wait what's the hypotenuse?
  • Oh wait I know. Just use the equation, sin(45)=9/x to find it. The hypotenuse is 12.7. Woohoo.
  • Karen wanted to make a treehouse. She decided to call The Magic Treehouse Inc for them to make it.
  • Oh noooooo.... I must sue Magic Treehouse Inc!
  • Hello Karen. I can asure you that our beds are at a safe 2.5 ft off the ground. You dont have to worry. Would you like to use our phones.
  • 25°
  • 5.9 ft.
  • 7 ft.
  • Before I call them, I must measure the bed to see if it is an appropriate height.
  • x = 2.5 ft
  • Made by Abbad Raza
  • Dang it the cell tower is broken. I guess I gotta talk to the manager.
  • So we know the height of the tower 16 ft, the length19 ft, and the hypotenuse 16.2. But whats the angle
  • Its easy, just put sin(x)=16/16.5. The angle is 80.
  • Hey, its fixed! Wait we're already getting a call from the hospital to Magic Treehouse Inc., should we let it through?
  • The End
  • Nah probably anothr Karen. Those pesky Karens am I right?
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