Updated: 2/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • To her surprise, she came to realize that she actually had discovered her life’s mission of saving lives, even though her own life was not always great as a superhero; for example when she fought Linium and he was radioactive, because of their mutual radioactivity and their close proximity to each other they became toxic for everyone. Radium was not aware that she was radioactive until her fellow superheroes informed her. Others were afraid of her and didn’t feel safe around her; that broke her heart and she felt betrayed because of everything she’d done for them from curing their diseases to protecting them from super villains, and that made her angry. In the result, she became revengeful and transformed into a villain.
  • Miss Radi defending herself from The Phantom by using her lightning bolt.
  • The Goliath
  • Miss Radi defending herself from The Goliath by using her bright eyes to blind him.