Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • We women will go to Washington D.C. and hold a silent protest till we get the right to vote
  • Yes we will protest hold signs, picket and when president Winslow gets the White House he'll see that we are doing this for womens sufferage
  • We will protest here in front of the white house adn get the right to vote even if it takes us years
  • Women are people too, we are just as human as men but we do not have the right to vote, a change is demanding to be made
  • We will hold hunger strikes, we will not eat we will stand here for hours six days a week until we get the right to vote
  • Hundred of our members have been arrested for this protest, but we will not stop protesting until we get the right to vote, your absences wont be in vain
  • Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and the rest of the NWP held a protest in Washington D.C. They are planning on holding signs and picketing until they get the right to vote. They will do this upon President Winslows arrival, they want him to make a change.
  • I will begin to lock myself on the white house gates and stay here until they change womens rights
  • We will lock ourselves upon these gates until the president gives us what we want
  • Lucy Burns and Alice Paul have now made it to the capital. They are sliently protesting for womens rights by holding up signs and showing their devotion to a new change. 1,000 of women will join them on the silent fight to gain womens rights.
  • They have put us in these jail cells because we were standing for womens sufferage
  • The guards have been treating us so bad and poorly, and all we wanted to do is fight for womens sufferage and they do this to us
  • Lucy Burns and Alice Paul have been protesting for days on end without eating, and fro hours a day. Hundred of women have already been arrested for the protesting but that doesn't seem to slow them down anytome soon. They're strong determined women to get president Winslow to change the laws and allow women the right to vote
  • Yes! We have finally been released from jail and they finally gave us women the right to vote
  • All the time spent in the jail cells finally paid off, so happy all the fighting is over we finally got the right to vote!
  • Alice Paul and Lucy Burns decided to lock theirselves on the gates of the white house. They are doing this because they believe a change really needs to happen for the women of America. They will continue to protest and picket until they get what they finally deserve
  • The police put Alice Paul and Lucy Burns inside the jail cells for locking themselves on the white house gates. They have been mistreated in there, they have been beat and get fed through feeding tubes. They have been in there for months already not knowing when they're going to be released.
  • Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, and the rest of the women fighting for the right to vote finally paid off. The president passed the 19th amendment on August 26th, 1920. All the protest and picketing was finally over they finally got what they were fighting for
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