How the Californios traveled to Oregon
Updated: 3/17/2021
How the Californios traveled to Oregon

Storyboard Text

  • What are we going to do?
  • Bad news guys. We just lost another part of land to some other rich family.
  • I knew this would happen
  • I don't know, people say the trail is dangerous and long.
  • I know!! Why don't we move to Oregon!! There is a lot of open space there.
  • That's not a bad idea!
  • Sure is!!
  • This is going to be fun!!
  • By old house. Have a wonderful life!
  • Can you guys stop arguing. I might have just found our ride.
  • Just be quiet, at least I offered to be on watch unlike you!!
  • This is all of your fault, it was your job to stay awake!!
  • WOW!!!
  • OMG. This is so beautiful!
  • Guys!! I think we made it to Oregon!!