Scene 1 Act 1
Updated: 6/7/2020
Scene 1 Act 1
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  • hmmm
  • I've been sad but I don't know the reason why...
  • It's normal to be sad and worried about your ships, if it were my own i'd also be sad
  • It is probably the sadness caused by the worry of your ships,
  • my business doesn't depend on any one ship,so that not the reason for my sadness
  • Is it perhaps Love?
  • Indeed, has someone taken your heart Antonio?
  • Oh no, I am not in Love
  • Antonio is talking to his friends Salarino and Solanio about a sadness that has taken him over, though he does not know why.
  • I warn you not to become a man who affects a solemn demeanor in order to gain a wise reputation.
  • Why are you sad my friend. For you need not to worry about your ships, they will return.
  • it's not my ships , In the play of life , I am destined to play a sad role
  • His friends assume it is because of the concern of his ships not returning to harbor safely, and they assure him that its normal to be worried about such things, but Antonio says that is not why he's sad.
  • Gratiano talks more nonsense than any other man in Venice. His words are not worth the trouble to understand
  • ahh, right the girl!
  • I see, anyways tell about the girl who has taken your heart.
  • Come Gratiano, we must go. See you again at dinnertime
  • I
  • His friend then ask if its love and Antonio quickly dismisses the claim. They then encounter Bassiano and his friends Lor-enzo and Gratioano. Salarino and Solanio soon after depart.
  • I've met a rich heiress but in order to woo her I need to bor-row more money and once we get married, I will repay you.
  • okay, I won't let you down Antonio
  • I have no money to loan now, but I will guarantee any loan you can muster
  • Gratiano notices Antonio"s sadness and says its because he worries too much on his business, Antonio replied that he is destined to play the sad role in life.
  • The two men continue their conversation until Gratiano depa-rts with Lorenzo, Bassiano jokes that his friends words are like finding a needle in a haystack. Antonio soon after inquires about the girl that holds Bassanio's heart.
  • Bassanio tells Anotonio about a girl named Portia, and in hopes to win her heart, will need to borrow more money from him. Antonio says he can not but offers to pay any loan Bassanio can round up.
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