Updated: 2/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • ILLINOIS- 1955
  • *policy*
  • we need to make this seat belt policy!
  • what are your plans to deal with the unintended consequences that could come of this!!
  • first we need to look at the costs and benefits
  • don't forget about the externalities!!
  • how are we, as the taxpayers, going to be affected by this new policy?!?!
  • Costs
  • the cost of vehicles would increase causing higher costs for consumers
  • car companies have to pay for research to be done to ensure that the seatbelts don't have a negative effect on their drivers' experiences
  • taxpayers have to pay for the gov. to be able to test the safety and efficiency of the seatbelt design
  • the seatbelts keep you stationary comfortable!
  • fewer emergency room visits from safer cars leads to lower cost fro taxpayers
  • Benefits studies show a significantly lower number of deaths from car accidents in those with seatbelts